The twisted love song — based around the lyrical hook “I get those goosebumps everytime you come around” — has also experienced a new comeback in 2021, with Travis lending his vocals to rising Spanish DJ HVME’s “Goosebumps” redo in January. The deep house rework first picked up steam internationally last year and has given “Goosebumps” a second life, racking up over 20 million U.S. streams in its original version, and 8.7 million for the version with Travis’ new vocals, according to MRC Data. 

“I was told that he had listened to my song and loved it,” HVME tells Billboard through a translator on Zoom. “When they told me that, they said he really wanted to launch the official remix and I was speechless. I was on a high actually and I still don’t believe it, to be honest.”

With everything Scott touches in and out of music seemingly turning to gold, slapping the official La Flame stamp of approval on his record was a no brainer for HVME. The scorching rework debuted on the Hot 100 in late January, and this week climbed to No. 73 on the chart.

Even though “Goosebumps” is now recognized as a bona fide smash from Scott’s discography, that wasn’t always the case. The Cardo-produced track served as a sleeper hit before exploding, in conjunction with Scott’s own career, as he grew to superstar status in between the releases of Birds and 2018’s blockbuster ASTROWORLD.

Coming off of his 2015 debut LP, Scott’s sophomore album title was born out of his creative frustrations and not being able to execute his visions in a timely fashion. “It all stemmed from me having that frustration of just like wanting to do creative s–t and just not being able to do it,” the rapper said to Billboard of Birds in 2016. “It took five months for my action figure to come out. It took eight months for the Hype Williams video to come out. I just felt like I was confined in a box.”

Texas-bred producer Cardo Got Wings’ relationship with Scott dates back to a frenetic 2012 studio session, but they didn’t lock in for a record until he landed a pair of placements on BITTSM. At the top of 2016, Cardo began sending beats over to Scott, and stumbled upon one in particular he thought had the penetrating bounce that Scott could use as part of the album’s gloomy canvas. After incorporating an ominous guitar sample by CuBeatz, Cardo sent the beat over to his cousin and frequent collaborator Yung Exclusive to clean up the 808s and “fill in the blanks,” as he put it. 

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