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Problem & Snoop Dogg Connect On “Dim My Light” » Hype Off Life


Compton rapper Problem has a new project on the way in the form of the “Smoke Break EP”. The project consists of 4 tracks, and finds Problem in his element as one of the great voices in the west. “Smoke Break” looks to hit the streets on October 12, and to keep the ball rolling, Problem drops the track, “Dim My Light“.

Produced by Audio Anthem and featuring the legendary Snoop Dogg, Problem gets at the slackers who love to talk that big talk, but the truth is they don’t have it like that because they’re lazy, and not about that life to make things happen. The world is filled with fakers and scammers, and Problem and Snoop are doing their part to expose them. In addition to the new content, Problem is getting his hustle up by launching his Martin Holdings company, having a hand in the global Marijuana business, and recently launching a Youtube series called, “Guess The Celebrity” through his production company, 50Million Media.

Check out the lyric video for “Dim My Light” below, and share with a friend. Follow @HypeOffLife on Twitter and Instagram for more content.

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