Boston-based artist and spoken word poet Oompa has been making moves, and making statements with every release. With her name buzzing on various platforms, her creativity continues to surprise many. Her music makes her not the one to sleep on, and with her upcoming album, “Unbothered“, everyone will be wide awake with their ears glued to every word that she speaks. She lets a few things off on the new single, “OUTTA PATIENCE“.

Co-produced by frequent collaborator Dephrase, with Oompa producing the beat, Oompa hops on a New Orleans bounce inspired to share lyrics about her frustrations. Whether it’s problems with the industry, or her using the music as a way to let it all out and heal, Oompa has carefully crafted it in a way that you’ll feel the beat and want to dance up a storm, and you’ll feel what she has to say in every line. It’s about growth, pressure, discomfort, and she goes in! Oompa’s “Unbothered” album hits the internet on October 1.

We give you the PREMIERE of Oompa’s new “OUTTA PATIENCE” single along with an exclusive interview. Check them out below, and share with a friend. Follow @HypeOffLife on Twitter and Instagram for more content.

Your style is very unique, sonically and fashion-wise. What inspires you the most creatively?

Why, thank you. I enjoy story-telling a whole bunch, so anything that can help me do that inspires me. My Taurus moon really makes a lot of my art for me,  she feels deeply and widely. After spending time adjacent to (and in) Boston Art incubator Mother Mercy who imbedded the question “What Are You Willing to Do?” into its previous cohort’s year as a means of getting Black people to think about our own liberation (or at least staying alive), the question and quest have haunted me since, making me think about it at every turn.  In terms of what I wear,  I think people have lots of perceptions about me when they see me based on many (mostly obvious) factors.  I like clothes to make the statement I most want to make about myself. It’s how I introduce myself.

“OUTTA PATIENCE” is a high-energy track that finds you intertwining your story with lots of free game. Where were you in your life when you penned the lyrics?

Haha,  I’m glad it feels like good game. I was honestly in a not-present place of being frustrated with being looked over and doubted. Then I realized that to even care, I also had to be doing the same. So I had to take responsibility for my lack of remembering who God made me.

Before Dephrase and I got together on Patience (and he beasted it), I sampled a song called “Beggin” by Dalaun because a. I love her, but also in the song there’s a line where she was taking responsibility for her anxiety in a relationship and begging her partner to be patient with her, and when I heard it I didn’t know why, but I immediately thought, “this the one.”

After making the basics of the beat and missing those pre-pandemic getaways, I wrote a song about being fed up with other people’s b.s. and my own. Bout owning that I know my time is coming and I don’t want to play small about that.

The culture is definitely more accepting and open-minded this day. What new avenues do you see on the horizon for queer artists?

I think people will learn to mind the business that pays or plays them, and as such I hope that queer and Black artists and fat girls (and all/more) will be treated like they are the wonders that they are. Like everyone else.

When did you know it was in your cards to be a leader?

One day I sat my older sister down to read… some dinosaur book. I just remember her seeming sad about not being able to get it right, but she was getting in trouble with my mother. I knew I could read and I wanted her to feel how I did when I got something right (but I also think I knew something bigger about something bigger projected on to my sister). So I sat her down, we cracked open a book and I read with her. I think I knew then (and I don’t know why that moment is related to this question), but I remember knowing distinctly that God had a big plan for me

What’s that one thing you wish more people knew about you?

I sleep before 11, I love astrology too much, growing up I couldn’t do the Running Man, I’m very shy, and sometimes when I’m at home alone I don’t wash my hands after I use the bathroom.

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